Salad with beet and potato in Finnish

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The salad is very simple but I always wanted to show in their recipes, from the simplest and most available food to cook something new and interesting. Add to a simple salad of beets a few ingredients and get a completely different taste. For me, by the way, this has always been the most interesting in cooking. I've been thinking to post this recipe or not, but when my friend who lives in St. Petersburg and often in Finland, wrote to me by the agent I is her most favorite salad in the Finke (she calls this country), that was solved. Try it, nothing special I promise, but to diversify the menu, especially in winter.

Ingredients for Salad with beet and potato in Finnish

Step by step instruction of cooking Salad with beet and potato in Finnish

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The beets and potatoes to boil. Here, the proportions of the implications of this - need to beet were two times more than potatoes.

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Add mayonnaise and mustard dressing to the salad and stir and only after that season to taste with salt and pepper.

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After all, cooking just is not all that bad! Sometimes this simplicity is better and closer to the biggest cost.

And when at my Desk going friends who just returned from the most luxurious resorts, fine restaurants after and say to me: "Katya, but still as you have all the delicious home-made". This is the best praise for me.

"To cook simply but with taste" is probably my motto is creativity, well, of course, if you can call the work that I do in the kitchen :)
I just try to cook with love and bring this love to all.

Good luck, as always Your Katie Fox.