Chocolate butterflies

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Delicious chocolate butterfly Farfalle made with your own hands, will delight you and surprise the family! Boil them for 2-3 min. do Not stick together, do not boil soft, do not lose their shape. Serve them with chocolate, custard, condensed milk, butter, sugar, syrup, jam, honey - to your taste... If you don't want to boil Farfalle all, they can be dried on the table, remove the bag and put it in the freezer. If you need to get to a boil, not defrosting... I'm very happy with them!!!

Ingredients for Chocolate butterflies

Step by step instruction of cooking Chocolate butterflies

Шаг 1

Mix the flour with cocoa (use good cocoa quality, for desserts and drinks, I used "Russia - a generous soul")

Шаг 2

Sift the mixture on the table, make a deepening in the middle.
Break the eggs, pour in the olive oil, water and knead the dough (if it is to crumble, add a little more water).

Шаг 3

Wrap the dough in cling film and leave for 30 min.

Шаг 4

Then split it into 2 halves, sprinkle with a little table and the dough with flour

Шаг 5

The dough out thinly with a rolling pin. Cut with dough knife into small rectangles

Шаг 6

From rectangles to make bows, Saipov them in the middle.
By the way, if a small piece of dough not much to freeze, and then grate on a grater, get small noodles which you can cook milk chocolate soup