Swedish meatballs

65 - 45 минут 10 порции

From this amount of ingredients makes about 60 meatballs extremely tender, which is very popular with the kiddies. Miniature size allows the semifinished product after freezing to prepare them, not further defrosting, which significantly reduces the cooking time.

Ingredients for Swedish meatballs

Step by step instruction of cooking Swedish meatballs

Шаг 1

Brioche soaked in cream, add egg, grated on a fine grater boiled potatoes.
Onions chop, fry until Golden brown in a small amount of vegetable oil.
To connect all with minced meat.

Шаг 2

Teaspoon dialed beef and form meatballs. Dip them in flour (I prefer semolina).
From this amount of ingredients is roughly 60 meatballs. Leave is needed for direct preparation of quantity, the rest freeze until guests arrive)

Шаг 3

Fry the mix in the vegetable oil.

Шаг 4

For the sauce flour fry in a pan without oil until Golden brown. Separately, combine the broth and cream. Gently introduce the flour. Salt. Boil until a thick cream. Add marjoram at the tip of the knife. Spread the sauce on the meatballs and warm up.