Salad of bananas

425 - 30 минут 6 порции

Easy, pleasant, flavorful salad for dessert for kids and adults. Salad allows a lot of options on the component ingredients, giving the opportunity to cater to lovers of bananas, chocolate and nuts. Chocolate can be bitter or milk, nuts - any, any combination, cream, high fat or not, finally, you can replace the ice cream. The original recipe was printed in a small collection of "Festive salads" in 2005.

Ingredients for Salad of bananas

Step by step instruction of cooking Salad of bananas

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This is a set of products for cooking salad.

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Batter mix for bananas is a well-mixed chopped nuts, powdered sugar, grated on a fine grater chocolate (makes sense before chopping to put the chocolate for 15-20 minutes in "the freezer").

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Bananas cut into slices with a thickness of approximately two centimeters.

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Sprinkle the slices of bananas cooked in a sweet mixture and place on a dish,