Potato gnocchi with trout

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This recipe will make your dinner an unusual and thereby bring variety to your table. I think everyone loves potatoes, so I hope you have already this winter will be useful for my recipe for winter harvesting.

Ingredients for Potato gnocchi with trout

Step by step instruction of cooking Potato gnocchi with trout

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Then I came up with the idea to go to my neighbor Baba Shura. Baba Shura very kind and good person. She has a big family and a lot of experience in a variety of workpieces. So I asked her to share with me one of her recipes. I told her about the contest which is held by the company ATLAS. Baba Shura is with great pleasure that told and showed me her culinary secrets.

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Most of all I liked the recipe for regular potato dumpling. But I made my own little modification, just adding the trout and cheese. I boiled the peeled potatoes, kneaded it into a puree. Cheese rubbed on a fine grater and added it to the cooled mashed potatoes. Added the eggs, salt, pepper and all carefully mix.

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Roll the dough and cut it into rectangles.
Put on them strips of trout.
With the Mat rolled up the dough with the trout in the roll and tightly pressed.

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Cut the roll with a knife across and put in a plastic substrate. Each layer was covered with a plastic bag, put it in the freezer.

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The dumplings are prepared very quickly. You only need a little salt to the boiling water and boil them until they float.
To clackam I made garlic butter. Crushed garlic mixed with a small amount of oil and pepper. Garlic butter poured ready dumplings.
I liked this recipe for its simplicity, ease of preparation and unusual taste.