Cheese pie "Duet"

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Have you tried to freeze the cheese? I prefer to freeze it straight in ......pie. Pie out of the freezer and immediately put it in the oven and 40 minutes later we get that gorgeous cheesecake. It is very convenient, especially when you have guests at the door or someone from the family event, for example, her husband's birthday, and I want to treat him to a celebratory Breakfast. Where can I take in the morning, weekdays, time cooking? Comes to the aid of my cheesecake from the freezer. By the way, thanks to her husband, there was this pie, he (my husband) loves savoury cheese, I even cheesecakes to make it with salt and spices and children, of course, give sweet. So one pie goes sweet half with dried fruit and chocolate and salty with paprika and nutmeg.

Ingredients for Cheese pie "Duet"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cheese pie "Duet"

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The sweet part put 2 tbsp. sugar, 80 g of dried fruit, in my case mango, and 2.5 tbsp of semolina. Mix.

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Now prepare the dough the sword. Gorgeous, crispy, versatile dough that is perfect for baking sweet and savoury.
Chop cold butter with flour and pinch of salt,

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Add 6 tbsp of ice water and again chopped. Gather into a ball, do not knead!,

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Roll on the table, put into a form and sprinkle with the semolina to absorb moisture from the filling and the dough remained crumbly. Now a few details: I added to the dough, about 1 tsp. of turmeric to give a Golden colour; in cold water add a couple of ice cubes, getting ice water. It is very convenient to knead, unless, before doing just the hands, because in translation from the French verb sabler meaning movement of the palms, which grind flour with butter.

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Here it is!

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Our wrap cake in plastic wrap and put into the freezer, where it can be stored up to two months. If I have a lot of pies, and one form, I get the cake out of the pan and keep it on a flat surface that is not cracked. Further it is possible to put another, another and another, and before baking put it in the form in which he was frozen where he easily comes.

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And now, two weeks later, directly from the freezer, do not thaw, I sent pie in heated to 200*With the oven.

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And after 40 minutes we waited for a wonderful tea party!