Spaghetti with balsamic vinegar

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Spaghetti all ' aceto balsamico the Motherland of this dish is the Modena, which is located in the Italian region Emilia-Romagna. This is one of the largest regions of Italy, which is famous for its world-famous Parmesan cheese, Parma ham and of course the famous balsamic vinegar. Recipes for this dish there is a great variety, and each family has his own will, but remain unchanged are three important ingredients – high-quality pasta, olive oil extra virgin and traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena.

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Ingredients for Spaghetti with balsamic vinegar

Step by step instruction of cooking Spaghetti with balsamic vinegar

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Cook spaghetti in accordance with the instructions on the package. While spaghetti cooked, prepare sauce. Dissolve the butter in a skillet and lightly saute in it the chopped onion for two minutes. Watch out that the fire was not great and the oil has not turned black.

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Add the vinegar to evaporate half. After that, pour the cream and the light, with continuous stirring, let the sauce thicken. In no case should not boil, and even a little gurgle. At the time it will take about 5 minutes.

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As the sauce thickens, taste for taste and add, if necessary, a pinch of black pepper, salt and sugar.

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From spaghetti to drain the water (keep a Cup just in case), put the spaghetti to the sauce and stir, if the dish seems too thick, add liquid from the Cup. Put it on plates, sprinkle with parsley and grated Parmesan, drizzle with olive oil. Immediately file on the table. Have a hot, piping-hot.