Eateries balls with a surprise

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Herring under a fur coat and cheese salad in the new design)))

Ingredients for Eateries balls with a surprise

Step by step instruction of cooking Eateries balls with a surprise

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So, boiled carrots grate on large grater, squeeze garlic. On a medium grater grate cheese and protein. Add mayonnaise, salt a little and mix with a fork very gently, so the mess does not become.

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In the palm, blend a teaspoon of salad, put in the middle of a pre-roasted peanut (my forest) and roll into a ball. The mass turns out sticky, but not much.

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Now make the beet balls. For this beet and cheese grate on medium grater. Add yolk on a coarse grater. Mix with the mayonnaise. But Mayo need to add just a little bit, not to get the liquid mass.

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Again a teaspoon spread on the palm, the beet mass in the middle, put pre-sliced herring fillet and roll into a ball. This time the mass get pretty sticky and if you overdo it with the mayonnaise, it will be very liquid.

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Ready balls are put on the kitchen Board and put into the fridge. Balls in the fridge will be a little firmer. Serve preferably chilled.

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The recipe is taken from the program "Home restaurant".

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