Vanilla ice cream "Most"

80 - 10 минут -

Happy holiday to all! As nice a holiday to begin the week, the more it will focus also on the holiday – New year! To devote a week want the mother of my husband, my mother in law. You might be surprised "Why"?!?! Because I never cease to be amazed thrift this woman in his 68 she manages to take care of the families of their three children, 5 grandchildren and a great-grandson. The house and the country she's in perfect order. And at any time of the day, she will lay a hospitable table. As for holidays, Lyudmila Fedorovna everything is always prepared in advance, this includes treats and gifts. For fourteen years, I never saw her running around in the hustle and bustle and something uspevayu. All this I'm trying it to learn. For this reason, I suggest we all start early to prepare Christmas gifts, because when it's holiday, enough other worries – gen. cleaning, choice of attire, menu planning, hair salon........ so let us have ready gifts. The more your loved ones know about your passion for cooking and will be happy to receive from you a delicious gift, made with love by your hands. I'll start with the most simple, quick but Oh-Oh-Oh-ry delicious and beautiful gift - vanilla ice cream. Why's it called?- there is the small amount of ice cream ingredients, very simple to prepare and a very short time for its preparation, and of course the beautiful speckled.

Ingredients for Vanilla ice cream "Most"

Step by step instruction of cooking Vanilla ice cream "Most"

Шаг 1

Take a deep bowl.

Шаг 2

Will beat into a soft mousse all the ingredients together until fluffy foam for 5 minutes.

Шаг 3

Cream, while beating, spray can, so can in clear and big package to make a hole and put in a blender, just not on the rotating part!, and then the bag will tighten in the machine.

Шаг 4

Spill the container of butter. Remove in the freezer. After hardening of the ice cream you can eat and you can store a couple of months before the new year. Before the donation will be only beautifully packaged. Please note that packaging immediately in a beautiful paper is impossible, so the box will condense and the paper will get wet. Wrap the first economic paper, beautiful paper, or cloth, and then, and fancy paper. This sweet ice cream goes well with fruit and sour jam, for example cranberries with sugar. For today! Have a pleasant new year chores.