Pancakes with fresh cabbage

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I'm sure the recipe for the pancakes I is no surprise, because every hostess has its own proprietary recipe of pancakes. Although for someone it, maybe, and help out. I love them, because they are made at home sour milk. I do love baking sour milk. As for toppings, it's not that I've found. But in our family she is a regular guest. The result is something like homemade fast food.

Ingredients for Pancakes with fresh cabbage

Step by step instruction of cooking Pancakes with fresh cabbage

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Beat eggs with sugar and salt, then add sour milk. Then gradually pour the flour, leading to the desired consistency (ie, if you like thin pancakes, the batter should be liquid, but if thick, then thicker). In the end, add to the dough vegetable oil and soda. Carefully stir to avoid lumps. Leave the dough for 1 hour to rest.

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Then on well-known technologies to make pancakes.

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Then proceed to the stuffing. To chop the cabbage. Cut the ham into strips. Greens finely chop. Mix all the ingredients in a deep casserole.

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Add mayonnaise, salt and mix well. (At this point, the husband asks us to add more ketchup and mustard, but as for me, so it will be something like a hot dog).
The stuffing is ready.

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... and wrap.