Cakes of figs

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The recipe for the sweet tooth. Very sweet, very tasty and one use... happens, that would be sweet, and useful? Happen!!! Come in for a Cup of coffee.

Ingredients for Cakes of figs

Step by step instruction of cooking Cakes of figs

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Practical recipe, not time consuming, and the result is a delicious, healthy dessert for the whole family and not only. Particularly good for busy ladies, for young mothers like me, for those who value their time... and watching the figure, but to abandon the sweet not.
I usually do less, take half of the suggested ingredients but if you expect guests or you go to visit, then make a big pan.
In a blender sent the almonds, oats, oil (preferably coconut, but if none, then olive), cinnamon, and a pinch of salt. To grind into flour.

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Figs cut into cubes and add to blender. Add a few tbsp of water and again grind everything together. Dough to shift in a bowl and add honey. *** Honey can not add, but instead put the dough more of figs. Mix well.

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Set aside 3/4 Cup of the dough, the rest of the dough spread on the form, which will be cake. I did a 2 round cookie cutter; if you do many cakes, use a square glass form. At the bottom lay a baking paper.

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Put the rest of the figs in blender, cut it into cubes, and add water gradually. Look at the consistency, if necessary add a little more. The filling turns out thick.

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Spread the filling on the base and distribute evenly.

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From top to distribute the remaining dough. Place cake in refrigerator to thicken. It is better to leave for the night. But if you scheduled visit, then 2 hours is enough to cake it was okay. While 8-10 hours is better.

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PS. Instead of figs you can use dates, you get a very tasty and sweet date cake. But you can do 2 at once! The filling can be a great layer for cakes and dough to make the candy and roll in coconut flakes, cocoa, chocolate, etc... Hurry to make tea or brew coffee and enjoy. And most importantly - no need to worry about the figure.
What else matters is that this cake can feed kids, they will appreciate!

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Cut into squares or diamonds, or whatever you like and Bon appétit!