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Appetizer with vodka "Dnepr-champion"

Appetizer with vodka "Dnepr-champion"

On Saturday (03.11.12) was a crucial football match in the Ukrainian Premier League "Dnipro-Metalist". I'm from the Dnieper river, so sick, of course, for the Dnieper. In General, the confrontation between the Dnipro and Metalist. Except that it's closest rivals in the standings, and this season fight between these teams could ignite even not traditionally at the 3 and a 2nd place (!), but even there it has its own "war games" since the 30-ies. Well, even after he took Dnepropetrovsk Euro 2012 in favor of Ukraine... And the Dnepr had not beaten Metalist 6 years! I love to watch football, but girly: interesting only those matches in which I have someone to hurt. And that was exactly the case! In General, the match my husband was going to watch by far. But two hours before the match, the husband said, "And do not drink it we vodka under futbolchik?" moreover, the bottle we have in the fridge for three months "froze" :) I quickly built a table and here, among other things, that there was in the fridge, "born" such is the appetizer. Help yourself!

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Step 1

Cheese salt, add sour cream and lemon juice and beat with a blender.

Step 2

With dill, cut leaves,

Step 3

finely chopped.

Step 4

Add the dill to the curd.

Step 5

Generally, it would be a perfect appetizer to prepare for halves of small eclairs, well, like these: http://www.povarenok .ru/recipes/show/649 85/ (for some reason the link to the recipe persist with two spaces, SW. moderators, if possible please remove them, if not, then those who would be interested to see - "beat" them yourself in your browser)
But time to bake the eclairs I had, but in the "store" lay the halves for waffle nuts from the store. They're filled with the cheese mixture. You can use ready-made tarts, crackers, etc.

Step 6

Semochko I cut small pieces and laid in each wafer.

Step 7

Onions cut chetvertfinalny, to disassemble the feathers, sprinkle with Apple cider vinegar and dry on solfege.

Step 8

Paste into each tartlet feather bow. Put in refrigerator to harden for 20-30 minutes.

Step 9

Generally, the appetizer turned out something similar

Step 10

the logo of the Dnieper!

Step 11

And another match I enjoyed it immensely! Dnipro Metalist even the head did not give up! Ruslan rotan and Matheus scored two incredible goals! I squeaked like a little girl. Dnipro-Metalist: 2:0!