Corn-cabbage casserole

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Don't know about You, but I have a season sauerkraut already in full swing. This recipe I have waited for since summer, I raved about it and finally I made it and was stunned by the fireworks of taste. So delicious and flavorful casseroles I have ever tasted. If You are interested, go to my page with the recipe.

Ingredients for Corn-cabbage casserole

Step by step instruction of cooking Corn-cabbage casserole

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1. Milk bring to the boil 0.5 tsp salt. Add grits and simmer for 5-10 minutes (I had grits are very finely ground, so it took me 2 minutes).

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2. Have 2 eggs and separate whites from yolks and whip them into a foam. The remaining 2 egg yolks to postpone for cereals, the rest of the eggs need to fill the casserole.

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3. Corn drain in a colander.

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4. Then corn and 2 egg yolks to enter into the corn porridge. Then mix in the whites.

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5. Tomatoes peel and seeds and cut into cubes.

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6. Pepper cut in half, remove seeds and cut into crosswise strips.

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7. Salami (I had bacon) cut into narrow wedges.

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8. Cream mix with the remaining eggs.

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9. Salt, pepper, season with nutmeg and a pinch of sugar. Add the sauerkraut.

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10. Then the tomatoes, sweet peppers, salami and 2/3 of cheese. Mix well.

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11. Form for baking grease and put corn porridge in waves.

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12. Vegetable mass to fill cavities.

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13. Sprinkle the remaining cheese.

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14. Bake in a preheated 200 degree oven for 40 minutes. Remove from oven and let cool slightly.

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15. To get out of shape. I have a form for braids, here came this beauty.

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16. Before serving, sprinkle with chopped green onions. You can now try.

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Bon appetit!