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Vegetable casserole "Breakfast from childhood"

Vegetable casserole "Breakfast from childhood"

This recipe somewhere "dug up" my mom in the late ' 80s. "Soviet cuisine" of the period total deficit this dish was quite unusual and bright. Mom always collected in the morning, the whole family at the table and forced to eat Breakfast all. I am very grateful for the habit: Breakfast every morning. And this casserole has become her signature summer-autumn Breakfast. Recently prepared it for my family and decided to share with the Cooks. Search did not find this, and all more or less similar was the case with potatoes, but my casserole is relatively easy. At least in the morning - you can!

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Ingredients for Vegetable casserole "Breakfast from childhood"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Vegetable casserole "Breakfast from childhood"

Step 1

Eggplant cut into circles. I cut very thin, 3-4 mm. loves my husband. Salt, dry on paper towels.

Step 2

Fry in vegetable oil on both sides.

Step 3

Spread on paper towel to stack excess fat. It is possible to "facilitate" dishes to bake eggplant in the oven.

Step 4

Pepper cut into strips,

Step 5

also fry in vegetable oil, put a slotted spoon on a plate to pour or not to pour only a little oil for frying other vegetables.

Step 6

Onion cut into cubes.

Step 7

Also fry until Golden brown in vegetable oil and lay out with a slotted spoon to pepper.

Step 8

Cut tomatoes into circles.

Step 9

Spread on a hot pan with vegetable oil, lightly salt.

Step 10

After a minute flip the tomatoes, salt and pepper the other side. Fry for another minute. All you need to do it in the pan that can be put in the oven.

Step 11

Spread on tomatoes eggplant

Step 12

On top of the onion and pepper

Step 13

Top - grated on a coarse grater or crumbled feta cheese with your hands.

Step 14

Eggs, beat with a fork with salt and sour cream

Step 15

pour it in the casserole

Step 16

and bake it in the oven first for 10 minutes.
Then, if there is cheese (and during perestroika, it was not always), cover them in a casserole and bake it in the oven for another 5 minutes.

Step 17

A piece