Marmalade of quince

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Сotognata. Now is the season of quince. You say that this fruit is not to your liking.... Offer to make quince marmalade and you will fall in love with this fruit. Moreover, we will prepare not just marmalade, and a gift for the new year. By the way the Russian name marmalade comes from the Portuguese word marmela that translated as quince. But the primacy of this dish from the Italian Sicilians, as the marmalade of quinces, or"cotognata" is mentioned in Chronicles from the 14th century. But from words to deeds. I will cook and at the same time tell something of the history of this delicacy.

Ingredients for Marmalade of quince

Step by step instruction of cooking Marmalade of quince

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Here she is our beauty!

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The water is drained and do it with juice or lemonade. Fruit Porirua blender along with the lemon and RUB through a sieve.

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So, when the jam will start to appear big bubbles and be dangerous to burst, put the pan in the oven heated to 200 gr.

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Cooking will be from one hour to three. Interfere every 10-15 minutes

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The marmalade will change color, is boiled for about 30 - 50%, it will be easy to fall from the walls. This marmalade is ready for moulding.

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You can flatten on a greased baking sheet, or pour into molds. You can also use silicone or

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Such as plastic for casting soap. When the marmalade has cooled, it is ready for cutting.

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A bit of history. Such delicacy is known as in Italy and in England, Portugal, and Spain. But something tells me that the roots of he East. Shaped them in such forms is a Spanish 18th century wood stamp.

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And this Italian ceramic. Previously, doctors prescribed this treat instead of medicine. This was the first remedy for constipation and diarrhea ... because quince treats gastrointestinal diseases. Quince also has a beneficial effect on the heart, raises vitality.