About caviar from Sago

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This recipe is going to devote her compatriot, cook Cause katico, because thanks to her I met this unusual grains like sago. Getting to know her I liked it and I wanted to know what else besides a variety of casseroles, you can cook. And in the depths of the Internet found this unusual recipe.

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Step by step instruction of cooking About caviar from Sago

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I found a recipe, in fact, the recipe was not similar, simply the memory of a dish that was prepared by the grandmother in the childhood and a rough listing of ingredients. Empirically picked my favorite proportions.

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Onion and Apple peel, Apple cut out the core and all grind in a blender along with pieces of herring.

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Before use wash the porridge of sago in cold boiled water, the weight becomes more attractive and crumbly.

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There are very few. In the resulting mass pour the cooked sago and add tomato paste. Salt-pepper to taste and mix well.

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The result is a homogeneous mass with small balls-eggs. Sago itself has a neutral taste and structure that resembles a cross between rice and pasta. But in the process it absorbs the taste and smell of other ingredients.

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Generously smear the resulting paste on a slice of bread, close your eyes and enjoy, and sago-the eggs will try to assure that Your sandwich with caviar.