Nuts and dried fruit in honey "Gift 2"

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Offer you my favorite Christmas gift that I always cook every year, in November to the new year all the nuts and dried fruits soaked in honey. Here first option. Taking into account the wishes of those who accept this gift, there is another variation with ground nuts and spices.

Ingredients for Nuts and dried fruit in honey "Gift 2"

Step by step instruction of cooking Nuts and dried fruit in honey "Gift 2"

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As it turned out, some more to taste ground nuts as a whole is too much of a mouthful. Someone more like some dried fruits. And considering that the present winter, and it is a time of colds, recipe harmoniously blended with spices. All this time just. Nuts and dried fruits washed and dried.

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Nuts chop with a knife or chopper. Layers put in sterilized jars alternating nuts, honey-dried fruits -honey. Each layer of honey, sprinkle a little mixture of cinnamon and ginger. Cover with a lid. All!
Nuts and dried fruits you can take any. Honey, you can use thick, it will stand, there will be a reaction with the fruit and it will melt. Over time, the honey may settle and need a little top up. By the way, I sent add coconut Stojko (on the previous photo it is not visible without the increase), I am a lover of coconut - delicious. Is all for now.