Domlama in Uzbek

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Very tasty, juicy and easy to prepare Uzbek dish. On the website saw a few recipes. Now, please enjoy my version.

Ingredients for Domlama in Uzbek

Step by step instruction of cooking Domlama in Uzbek

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The next step is carrot, cut into rings, again the leaves of the cabbage - season. The next step is tomatoes. If you cook Domlama, so to speak, in the off-season, you can at this stage add the tomato paste - 2 tbsp, or canned tomatoes.

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Ideally (In Uzbek) is ready to Domlama just twist on wide dish (lagans). But I prefer to mix when serving this dish, the result is just such a beauty as pictured. You can put the dish with the layers, as expected. This is your taste. The finished dish can be sprinkled with fresh herbs. Bon Appetit.