Sauerkraut with Apple and carrot

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I liked this recipe what cabbage can do in a small amount into a 1 l jar, Kale turns crispy and is eaten very quickly.

Ingredients for Sauerkraut with Apple and carrot

Step by step instruction of cooking Sauerkraut with Apple and carrot

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1. Cabbage finely chop, add salt, sugar. To grind by hand.

2. Wash apples, cut into wedges (seeds removed).

3. Carrots wash and grate on a coarse grater.

4. The cabbage is mixed with apples and carrots, add caraway seeds and stir (without cumin).

5. Put in a quart jar mix well trombate with the aid of a wooden pestle.

6. Send it to ferment at room temperature for a few days (I have 3 days). Cover with a cloth or cabbage leaf. The resulting foam periodically removed. Every day (at least once) with a knife to pierce the cabbage to the bottom.

7. After the final fermentation process to move a container of sauerkraut in a cool place (I have in the fridge).