Cake "New year in the tropics"

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The idea of this cake I learned on the website Nina Niksya. I saw a picture, fell in love. I read the description. Thought. Made it my way!) Was lovely cake! Very fresh, bright, a kind of summer. Very light and not too sweet. Mango, raspberry, coconut, white chocolate – who wants to summer in tropical summer? You here!

Ingredients for Cake "New year in the tropics"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cake "New year in the tropics"

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First, bake a coconut biscuit-decoys. Recipe for coconut daquoise I found Catherine katelig in the journal. This delicious coconut decoys from Pierre Herme.

First, I made coconut flour. For this I used coconut flakes (I used small ones), which was milled into flour using the Cup of a blender. You can also use a coffee grinder. After grinding the coconut flour need to sift.

Preheat the oven to 150 degrees Celsius.

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Sift in a bowl the coconut flour-80 g almond flour-120 gr, sugar-180 gr. Mix well.

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Proteins (6 PCs.) beat until stable peaks, gradually powdering 70 g small, fast-soluble sugar.

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Flexible spatula to gently introduce proteins in the dry mixture.

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The finished dough is evenly spread with a spatula on the baking sheet, covered with baking paper. The dough is not liquid, it is necessary to smear. The height of the cake should be about 1 see, I used the form 38 by 26 cm

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Lightly sprinkle with powdered sugar and let stand for 10 minutes. Again sprinkle with powdered sugar and let stand for 10 minutes. Bake for 35 minutes.

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Turn the finished cake onto the prepared surface with parchment paper, and carefully remove the sheet on which it was baked.

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The finished cakes allow to cool completely. Have ready biscuit "decoys" very delicate and fragile consistency. The biscuits are self-sufficient, the impregnation is not needed.

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I used frozen raspberries purchase. Therefore, lemon juice is not added and so was the raspberry tart. So I had to take almost 2 times more sugar (about 70 g). Fresh raspberries sweeter. So – how to add sugar, add lemon juice or no – go by your taste. Try and encourage You liked what turns out.

So, thawed raspberries (300 g), sugar (35 grams for the recipe), lemon juice (to taste), water (3 soup spoons), heat it over the fire, bring to a boil. RUB through a sieve to get rid of excess seeds. Add pre-soaked in cold water and squeezed out gelatine (4 g). Cool to easy Tagliavini in the fridge.

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In a blender, blend 312 gr. mango with icing sugar, add the lemon juice. To separate the part of the mango puree, place in a separate bowl. Slightly warm in the microwave or simply stove.

Dissolve in mango puree pre-soaked and pressed gelatine leaves - 7 oz. Mix warm mango puree with dissolved gelatin and the remaining mango puree. Mix well, beat again blender. Put a bowl with mango coulis into the fridge to light Tagliavini.

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The recipe for this gorgeous Bavarian cream found on the website Nina Niksya her for that (not the first nor the last time) great thanks!
Pour 5 g gelatin sheet in cold water and allow it to swell.

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Heat 125 grams of milk almost to a boil (85°).

In a separate bowl, grind 50 grams (about 3 pieces) egg yolks 25 g sugar. Hot milk pour the yolks mixed with sugar. Stir with a whisk to avoid was a lot of foam, pour all back into saucepan and, stirring constantly with a whisk, bring the weight up to 85°. Remove from heat and immediately add 125 g white chocolate, chopped into pieces, and the seeds of half vanilla bean.

Keep in mind, even when removed from the fire the temperature of the mass will increase and at 86° fold the yolks, add the chocolate at once will lower the temperature. If the yolks still cooked, it is possible to fix it using a hand blender, but the quality is a bit reduced. I usually keep next to the stove a wide shallow bowl with a flat bottom, filled with cold water, which I immediately put off the heat to lower the temperature.

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Add soaked in cold water and pressed sheet gelatin. The optimum temperature for gelatin - 60°.
All whisk hand blender. Cool.
Until the mass is cooled, whip 250 grams. chilled cream until stable peaks.

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On top of Mattila coolies poured a layer (approximately 0.8-1 cm) mousse of white chocolate. On top put the second cake. He was struck with a spoon and leveled with a spatula mango coulis. From above poured a layer of mousse. Mousse I have left. Ie products for the mousse can take less than 1/3.

BUT.... love to eat this mousse with the remnants of the biscuit. Very tasty! Put the cake in the fridge for a couple of hours.
Now you need to prepare a glaze of white chocolate.

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The GLAZE of WHITE CHOCOLATE FROM the HATCH MONTERSINO (slightly adapted to life prose), and for the recipe thanks to Nina Niksya:

Pour 5 g gelatin sheet with water and allow it to swell.
To bring the 75 gr. cream 75 gr. glucose syrup (you can use 45 gr of liquid honey) to a boil. Add 7.5 g. milk powder, mix well on the fire until dissolved.

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Remove from heat, add 125 gr. chopped white chocolate and 4 oz. gelatin in sheets. All whisk hand blender. Cool to room temperature. The glaze should be slightly thicken.

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To get the cake out of the fridge. Remove the cake from the mold. Since I was making the bottom and sides form a film, then I just gently pulled the edges of the film and pulled the cake from the mold.

Trim the edges to make it beautiful!) Put the cake on the grill, under which put a deep bowl or baking pan. And pour from the top, in the center of the frosting. She needs to drain over the edges, enveloping the whole cake evenly. Glaze while still sticky, ie, the cake can "stick" any decoration according to your taste.)) Then it hardens and... the time lost.

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And cut – here it is – rain! Mango, raspberry, coconut and white chocolate! Fresh and sultry at the same time a little tropical with coconut and white chocolate.

Try this cake – it is delicious! Like everyone I they treated. I hope you like it and you, my dear cooks!

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