Bread with sausages, sun-dried tomatoes and garlic

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Step-by-step photos, because were not going to put the recipe, but the bread turned out so delicious that I decided to share with you. I'll also give you the option of cooking this bread for those who have no bread machine.

Ingredients for Bread with sausages, sun-dried tomatoes and garlic

Step by step instruction of cooking Bread with sausages, sun-dried tomatoes and garlic

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I love to experiment with the breadmaker. Itself, however, bread from the bread machine almost never eat, just snatch a piece of fresh, crisp. Already metabolism not the one to absorb the bread without harm to the figures, but my friend gave me this bread "polyublyaet" and her figure, I can not threatened. Most of all she likes French bread with a crispy crust. It is on the basis of this bread I baked.

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Fold in the bread ingredients (except the sausage, garlic and tomatoes) in the order that You have in the instructions. I have (Kenwood), first put the liquid ingredients, then dry. Turn on the "French bread".

While there is kneading, prepare the toppings. Hunting sausages cut into thin chetvertfinalny. I wanted the sausage in the bread turned into a little "crackers", and therefore cut very finely. Because store bread is 2-3 days not in fridge, and if sausage is not completely Zazueta, they look just fine. And they are completely yarilis, and the taste remained. If You are sure that the bread will be eaten at once - you can cut large pieces.

Garlic finely chop with a knife. Tomatoes cut into strips and dip them in flour so they are well intervened in the dough, and not stick together in one piece. When I give the signal to bookmark additives (usually about 20 minutes after the start of the batch) is added. My breadmaker has a special dispenser that adds automatically. Very handy if you put the bread in the evening with a delay so that in the morning was ready. Leave the bread to cool for 30 minutes on wire rack. I have no grid, I use this here shallow colander.

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For those who do not have a bread maker: mix the flour with salt, sugar, yeast. Add warm water, knead the dough. If You kneaded the dough on the table, then do the "traditional," the well-known slide at recess, into which water was added. If you knead in a bowl or pan, then slide and deepening can not bother.

Leave to come for 30 minutes in a warm place. After 30 minutes, beat in supplements, again knead the dough again and leave to rise for 30 minutes in a warm place. Again knead the dough, put into the form again and leave for 40-50 minutes to come.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and bake the bread for 40 minutes. Remove from form and cool.

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The bread is very fragrant, spicy. Crumb a nice light orange color. Bon appetit!