Dark Christmas cake

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Now almost the middle of November – the time to bake Christmas cupcakes for gifts! You've never made a cupcake before use, you need to wait a month or two? Then be sure to try. Once having prepared such a cake, you'll be able to go back and try new combinations. Almost all the Christian countries have similar and yet unique recipes of sweets festive Christmas table. In Russia, unfortunately, after the Soviet period, this tradition, like many of uniting the family, did not survive. So let's bake gingerbread cookies, such as muffins, attracting and uniting all members of the family. It's nice when long before the New year and Christmas, the house begins to spread holiday: children think about letter to Santa Claus, you start to make lists of gifts husband to think about interesting pastime for the holidays....

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Ingredients for Dark Christmas cake

Step by step instruction of cooking Dark Christmas cake

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When baking a cake there are two basic rules. First - fruits must be soaked with alcohol, it will fill our special cupcake flavor and will serve as a great conservative. The second is that all ingredients should be at room temperature or when mixed they can delaminate. So prepare everything in advance.
There are several varieties of cupcake, each with its own story, but in short, it is bright, with light sugar, dark molasses or brown sugar, with lots of dried fruit and very large. As you guessed, today I have dark with lots of dried fruit – 500g. for 200g. flour. Dried fruit - usually raisins are dark and bright 50: 50, etc. as desired. I have a 300 g. white raisins, 100 g of cherries and 100g. pineapple. Dark cakes are more rich and flavorful, white lighter.
Dried I washed, dried and filled in 100ml. Roma at night. To prepare, therefore, dried fruits can in a week, I have, for example, still have a jar infused with cognac and informed. Feel great, waiting for a special occasion. Alcohol take what is available, but not less than 35g. suitable cognac, brandy, whisky, aromatic bitters.
If dried fruit is very wet after soaking, drain them on a sieve to drip off the excess alcohol.
Then everything is very simple.

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Beat butter with sugar until OSVETLENIE mass and to slightly increase in volume.

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To enter on! one! the egg, after each, ensuring the uniformity of cream.

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Add the roasted and crushed almonds (flour), molasses, salt, spices. If you don't have molasses, you can put a spoonful of the liquid kvass wort, or thick cherry or raspberry jam. Today I used this sweet, spicy sugar http://www.povarenok .ru/recipes/show/692 95/ 1 tbsp All thoroughly

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Sift flour with baking soda,

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Stir again.

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Now you only have to mix with dried fruits,

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Spread in a greased, or lined with baking paper form and

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Put in a preheated 150 C. the oven for 1.5 hours.
I got 3 small cupcakes, so I baked them a little over an hour.

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Impregnate alcohol, about 2 tbsp per small cupcake or 4-6 at large.

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Wrap in cling film and put in a cool place for 1-1,5 month. I keep in the pantry, I did not say that it is cold, but cupcakes are perfectly stored. It remains to wait for the holiday, beautifully packaged and present.