Home liquor "Amaretto di Saronno"

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Once, a few years ago, I was attracted by the shape of the bottle in the duty-free. When I tasted this liqueur, I realized that it was a divine drink. On sale now it appears very rarely, and I decided to find a recipe and cook yourself.

Ingredients for Home liquor "Amaretto di Saronno"

Step by step instruction of cooking Home liquor "Amaretto di Saronno"

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Necessary ingredients for homemade liqueur.

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Cooking liquor begin with the preparation of almond.
Fill it with boiling water, give a little stand and clean.

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On a dry pan dried almonds until Golden brown, a minute before the end of roasting almonds add a couple of flowers cloves and 3-4 peas of fragrant black pepper. Apricot kernels and shake my water. Add a small pinch of cinnamon.
Fill it with nuts and spices in a clean, dry bottle. Volume suitable bottle of champagne.

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The next step is sugar.

Very good for liqueur brown sugar with its touch of flavor.
Pour the sugar into a frying pan or saucepan with non-stick coating, add one-fourth Cup of water and bring it by shaking the beautiful and rich caramel color.

At the end of the fall asleep two teaspoons of vanilla sugar.
Add half a Cup of water, stir and gently pour the syrup into the bottle with nuts and spices.

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Allow to cool and pour the vodka.
Add literally a pinch of instant coffee, for flavor and color.
Close, shake to mix vodka and sugar syrup.

Put in a dark place for a month or a little more.
Periodically shake once or twice a week.
Then strain and fill a beautiful bottle of liqueur.