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Grandma's pancakes

Grandma's pancakes

I can say that these pancakes are loved by ALL and they are sooooo delicious! :)

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Step 1

1. first, pour a glass of milk heated on the stove ( not to boiling), then salt, sugar and eggs, slowly stir, then put a Cup of flour, gradually stir without lumps, add the second Cup of milk and two tablespoons of butter, stir gently.
2. Bake pancakes. Pancakes turn out very thin, which I love!
3. The filling can be any, yesterday I had with shrimp and cheese sauce, salmon tonight with cheese, but in General they are very delicious and flawless, and you can eat them without toppings, try it!

Step 2

In this photo, the pancakes with sour cream!
Bon appetit!