Cheese Stollen

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Quarkstollen. During the preparation to the week saw, very handy in the catalog OTTO baking dish stolen. Could not resist was discharged. Happy! :) Recipe cheese stolen was printed on the box, dough I like, and Stollen I made. Simple, easy, delicious!

for Christmas

Ingredients for Cheese Stollen

Step by step instruction of cooking Cheese Stollen

Шаг 1

My new baking tins stolen :)

Шаг 2

Mix: flour, baking powder, sugar, vanilla sugar, salt, rum, almond flavor, eggs

Шаг 3

Add: soft butter, cottage cheese,

Шаг 4

Raisins, almonds.

All combined make a fairly thick batter

Шаг 5

The oven to turn on at 180*C

form grease with oil, put into it the dough, well it primina

Шаг 6

Turn the form with the dough on the sheet and put in hot oven

Шаг 7

Bake for about an hour, it took me 50 minutes

the finished Stollen easily goes out of shape

If there is no special form, take the form of "brick" for baking cupcakes :)

Шаг 8

The finished cake liberally sprinkle with powdered sugar