Grill marinade with beer

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I again to you with a beer... it was a pity to pour beer, which the chicken cooked, and this recipe has long been waiting for the approbation of the... If You are a happy owner of the garden, but in the snowy forest celebrate Christmas or New year, no grill can not do. And beer, of course, available, so it is possible for a sample to marinate the meat and so...

for New Yearfor Christmasfor 23rd of February

Ingredients for Grill marinade with beer

Step by step instruction of cooking Grill marinade with beer

Шаг 1

All spices to taste, I took 1 tsp, garlic crushed

Шаг 2

Mixed with mustard

Шаг 3

Coat the meat on all sides, folded into a container

Шаг 4

Pour beer and put in a cool place

Шаг 5

On the morning of load in the car, not forgetting the marinated meat on arrival at the site, pass the reins into the hands of their men, they know how unappetizing piece of meat to turn it into a delicious dish...

well, well, it is possible to help them to remove the meat from the marinade and dry it with a paper towel :)

Шаг 6

Give me no promise snow in February, so I just fried the meat in the pan))

Шаг 7

Here, as well as on the grid of the grill, most importantly, the meat does not become dry to the inside remained juicy