Sandals country

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There are on the Ukrainian ICTV channel program "Country", similar to the Russian "Country answer". In General alteration of the rooms in the cottages. Besides the repair, there are gardening tips and some recipes of the raised crop. Here there are the eggplants I saw. Why "country" - clear the program name is why the sandals - I do not know. Maybe because of the shape of the side plates of eggplant. The dish certainly is not a diet, but as a person watching their weight and successfully lost extra 6 kg, authoritatively declare that in moderation you can eat absolutely everything! And a few pieces of such balaganchika harm prinisut. May have on the website something similar, but I honestly have searched and not found!

Ingredients for Sandals country

Step by step instruction of cooking Sandals country

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The recipe I took directly from the TV. The proportions are slightly changed, therefore, represent the original aspect ratio for those who might want to cook that way. For those who do not know Ukrainian, translate: oil - is a vegetable oil, ACET - vinegar, obseity - fry, strava is a dish, if - if not required - you do not need seregeti - save. Everything else should be clear.

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And now, as I was preparing this dish. The eggplant I cut thin strips lengthwise (3-4 mm). Because the dish is spicy, I did not bother with the pre-salting of the eggplant and push-up liquid to remove the sharpness.

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Pepper cut into thin circles, add in vegetable oil. To add to the same freshly ground black pepper.

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Add finely chopped garlic and vinegar. To knock the Corolla into the emulsion.

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Dry on a paper towel.

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The eggplant soak in hot sauce for several minutes. Every lay 1 slice of pepper and a little garlic. Wrap 2-3 times and put in a jar.

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Bank to close the charge cover and put in refrigerator for 2-3 days.

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After 2-3 days eggplant infusions and soaked with spices. Remove the sandals from banks, allow to drain oil and spread on a plate! Bon appetit!