Yeast cake "grandma's tutmanik"

155 - 120 минут 4 порции

Thanks to his grandmother, she gave me this delicious recipe that want to share with you. On the website there is a recipe, but I have a different dough and other molding. Maybe you will like it. And at the same time share the excellent recipe yeast dough on kefir. He never disappoint. Baking with it airy, fluffy and extremely tasty.

for Easter

Ingredients for Yeast cake "grandma's tutmanik"

Step by step instruction of cooking Yeast cake "grandma's tutmanik"

Шаг 1

Dissolve yeast with sugar and warm milk.
After 10 minutes, when they begin to breathe, combine all ingredients except cheese and 70g of butter.
Knead the dough. It must be like to touch the lobe of the ear (as my grandmother taught). I have entrusted this work the bread maker, so there was nothing to photograph. The dough rises very well.
If the dough is kneaded manually, after kneading let it rise about 1 hour. During this time it will increase 3 times.

The finished dough divided into 4 parts.

Шаг 2

Each ball roll out into fairly thin pellet 3-5 mm thick and liberally grease with softened butter.

Шаг 3

Put lasecki, oiled, on top of each other in a pile,
smear with butter, sprinkle cheese, grated on a coarse grater

Шаг 4

We turn our tutmanik in a roll and coat the roll with melted butter

Шаг 5

And there can be 2 types of events:
1. The roll is stretched over the ends and swing around its axis several times. Turn the snail and put in the form.
2. Cut the roll into rings 2 cm thick (I have and have done so) and put into the form. Allow to infuse for 30-40 minutes, coat with egg, beaten with milk

Шаг 6

I almost forgot... the Sugar in baked goods I like to use brown. It gives a more intense taste pies.

Шаг 7

Our handsome baked at a temperature of 170 deg. 30 minutes.
And get delicious, tender, juicy, flavorful pie.
Remember how we children tore his hands are still warm, put it in his mouth and smiled at the happiness that we have such an unusual grandmother is Bulgarian.
I want to add that oil for greasing layers not necessary to regret, there will be beautiful layered faults.

Шаг 8

And from the remnants of dough twisted like cinnamon rolls.
Instead of just cheese on the top layer of the piles of cakes anointed with oil and thickly dusted with a mixture of brown sugar Mistral and cinnamon.
The divine aroma and sweet memories...