Sour kabbes

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And easier to say, braised cabbage with meat sauce from hell. The dish is cheap, because is usually made from the pig's head and pickled cabbage. But a pig's head for me - something exotic :). Offer the option with pork ribs, it is somehow clearer. The highlight of the meal in horseradish sauce (accent on the first syllable, but it all depends on taste :)

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Ingredients for Sour kabbes

Step by step instruction of cooking Sour kabbes

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In the original recipe at the end of quenching is added 1 Cup of white wine. I tried with wine and no, the second option I liked more - without wine.

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Washed the ribs are put in the pot, fill with water to the top level of the ribs, sprinkle with salt and cook for 30 minutes after boiling.

If the cabbage is very sour, rinse, squeeze and spread on ribs.
The next layer, put coarsely chopped onions, apples.
Throw juniper berries and caraway.
Cover with a lid and stew until ready - there is almost no liquid and the meat should easily separate from the bones.

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Taste, if necessary, add salt.

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For the sauce, fry in fat flour until light yellow, gradually add broth, stirring constantly to avoid lumps;
add horseradish, cream, salt and butter.
Cook until sauce thicken (this happens quickly).

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The sauce is ready pour into a gravy boat for serving.

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While the cabbage is cooked, garnish boil the potatoes.

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Serve hot

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Each pours the sauce in a bowl.

The sauce is pleasantly spicy due to the horseradish, at the same time softens the sour taste of cabbage.