Salmon with potatoes

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Autumn is the season of the most delicious and healthy potato. So I want to share with you, dear cooks, the recipe of delicious potato dishes. Will tell you how to cook a tender, juicy fish in a potato coat and elegant cheesy spinach cap. It turns out very tasty, hearty and pretty!

Ingredients for Salmon with potatoes

Step by step instruction of cooking Salmon with potatoes

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For starters, clean the fish from skin and bones, cut coarsely and marinate in mixture of soy sauce and adzhika. The sauce I make a very similar recipe as a-lesa http://www.povarenok .ru/recipes/show/685 01/ the bull's eye there add. I let the fish marinate a little longer, at least a few hours.

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Then very carefully wash the potatoes with brush, dry it, wrapped with foil and put to bake in the oven.

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Removed potato flesh thoroughly with a potato masher.

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Fresh spinach, cheese and cream thoroughly punctured blender. The fat content of cream is not very important. I used fat marketplace cream mixed with milk.

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This kind of mixture is obtained.

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Bulgarian pepper (very pretty goes, if you take a red pepper) finely chop.

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Combine potatoes and creamy spinach the mass, thoroughly knead until smooth and salt to taste.

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Add to the potatoes chopped pepper. Stir.

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A baking pan or baking grease with vegetable oil, potato halves filled with slices of marinated salmon.

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Cover with the fish served with spinach and potato puree, it is desirable to cover the fish completely, so it will retain all of its juiciness.

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Sprinkle with spices (I have a "Italian herbs") and sesame seeds. And put in preheated oven 170 degrees. 30-40 min. by the Way, after so topical recently, the topic of freezing I want to add that if you do not put potatoes in the oven, and freeze, you can then surprise your unexpected guests a wonderful hot dish :-) Frozen potatoes put in oven without defrosting.

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