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Salmon in envelope with pine needles

Salmon in envelope with pine needles

Brilliantly simple, brilliantly original and, as it turned out, ingeniously delicious. Cooking fish is always "aromatic" support (not much sbryzgivaem lemon), and it's -- And de-al-but! Try to cook, even if just for curiosity's sake! You will be surprised!

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Ingredients for Salmon in envelope with pine needles

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Salmon in envelope with pine needles

Step 1

Take fillet (with skin but no scales), making superficial cuts on the skin (try to cut only the skin).

Step 2

Pepper and coriander to pound in a mortar with salt. To coat the flesh with olive oil, dipped in a spicy mixture with salt.

Step 3

Needles (120 g), wash in cold water, dry, drizzle with remaining olive oil. To prepare a double-layered foil sheets (see the fish pieces). On each sheet put half of the needles, they are a piece of fish, top with some more needles.

Step 4

Tightly connect the edges of the foil, but do not press it to the fish: it should be like in the air pocket. Lay on the prepared envelopes on a dry frying pan (medium fire) for 5 min, then in a preheated 180C oven for 10 min.

Step 5

Serve directly in the envelope. When it opened, releasing the intoxicating fragrance... Before we get there, the needle should be removed. And even better to shift the piece of fish on a plate, and foil with needles to roll and throw. Amazingly delicious!