Omelet from Christian constant

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Christian constant (Christian Constant) is a famous French chef, holder of two Michelin stars. This dish was one of the competitive tasks of the chef. I tried to reproduce the recipe in the kitchen, a little with your changes! The site has a recipe for "scrambled eggs white outside, yellow inside", but it is a little not so. We need just 4 eggs and tbsp plums. oil and cream.

Ingredients for Omelet from Christian constant

Step by step instruction of cooking Omelet from Christian constant

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The original is what you do: cold pan greased with vegetable oil. Pour into the pan 3 of the protein salt. Put the pan in the oven with a water bath at 80 C for 8 minutes. I made at: the pan greased Rast. oil, slightly warmed, put it on the divider, poured three whites (do not stir), with a small fire (so they are not fried, but steamed). Ready the whites shifted to a plate lined with cling film.

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3 egg yolks and one egg white whisk. In frying pan, add 0,5 tbsp plums. butter, add egg mixture and cook omelette over medium heat, stirring constantly. When the yolks are lightly set, remove from heat and add 0,5 tbsp of cold plums. oil and 1 tbsp. of cream to stop the cooking process.

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Mix well. Will get this air-yolk eggs.

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We stayed one yolk, this is to decorate our eggs. Again the words of the author: the water in a saucepan and bring to boil. The yolk is placed in a cornet of greaseproof paper. I instead of parchment paper well razmesheny the yolk was placed in a plastic bag (in the area).

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Cut the corner (quite a bit), and a thin trickle squeezed into boiling water (water should not boil, must be small bubbles). Leave for 1 minute, then ready to pull out the yolk with a slotted spoon and put in cold water.

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Further white omelet lay yellow eggs.

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Roll with cling film, giving form loaf, transfer to a plate for serving.

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Put the yolk trickle and decorate with chips of parsley. The idea with the chips took there, on the French website.

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Turned out pretty good! The white part is elastic and soft whipped scrambled eggs inside, the upper yolk for decoration very interesting. Eat! Delicious!