Pancakes in clarified milk from grandma

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The most delicious we cooked in the childhood of our grandmothers. My grandmother bakes pancakes according to the recipe of his mother, and this recipe is inherited, the and roads. And the pancakes I bake not just for pancake day. How nice to pamper your loved delicious pancakes with honey, jam or sour cream... Recently we had a rest on the sea, near Sochi. The weather was wonderful. Warm and Sunny, and it's at the end of October. Every morning for Breakfast I was happy to cook these pancakes.

Ingredients for Pancakes in clarified milk from grandma

Step by step instruction of cooking Pancakes in clarified milk from grandma

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Beat the eggs with the sugar, adding a pinch of salt.

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Warm malted milk. Mix the milk with the beaten eggs, stirring constantly. Gradually add flour - one tablespoon to the dough is without lumps. The batter for pancakes it is quite liquid. I also add 1 or 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil right in the batter.

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To ensure that the pancakes do not stick, the pan needs to be hot enough. For frying pancakes need a frying pan with low edges and long handle, flip the pancakes to be easier. Ideally, the pans should be heavy-bottomed. No wonder our grandmothers for making pancakes used cast iron pans.

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Bon appetit!