Stuffed pig stomach

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Pfalzer Saumagen. Longtime "wishlist", which was giving no rest for many years. At first I could not buy the stomach, then found him by some miracle, but in the Runet did not have a prescription, then found friends who have friends who live in Germany.... And which, though themselves not prepared, but selflessly found the recipe and kindly translated it. And then it was like Nasreddin Hodja, who could not eat halva, cooked at home: if it was butter and honey, no flour, if there was flour and oil was not honey and so on))) And the stomach was lying and sadly freezing in the freezer... ( ( ( And the conscience is like a hamster: or sleeping, or chewing. And now, dogryz – again climbed in Runet and found a wonderful recipe on Goodcookie, thank you very much, Inna. More excuses to take time off, and we decided... fellow cooks living in Germany! Can throw sneaker (is what guests to put on) and tomatoes (for salad amiss), but was prepared according to the recipes of people certifying in their (recipes) of authenticity.

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Шаг 1

So, take the stomach! We have butchers, apparently, about saumagen never heard of, therefore rude split it in half.... ARRR!

Шаг 2

At the family meeting it was decided not to sew one and make two. My it rebuffed: careful, careful! To clear water and freezing hands. Then soak overnight. Then again wash and cut inside neatly to the shell inner not hurt, God forbid...She is more important then appearance, because the filling will keep. Until set aside, making the filling.

Шаг 3

Cook the potatoes, I have red, proven – shaped, it cools.

Шаг 4

Shallots cut into crumbs, garlic - as well.

Шаг 5

Meat cut into cubes, like manta rays (about 0.5 cm). The photo shows that there and breast, and lean meat.

Шаг 6

While after – cooled potatoes. Peel and cut into cubes like meat.

Шаг 7

Whisk the eggs and begin to mix the stuffing for saumagen.

Шаг 8

My argument is that not vain mashing the potatoes first, mix everything, add salt. Season with...

Шаг 9

Stir and then pour the potatoes.

Шаг 10

Mix gently but thoroughly. And here is our stuffing for saumagen!

Шаг 11

Now sew up the stomach. Then exhausted, and the process of sewing has come to an end. In short, sew up all but one hole through which it is convenient to fill. The seam is tight, frequent stitches, the thread should be strong, but without excessive thickness, and the same will tear us all...

Шаг 12

Stuffed and sewed up this hole. This is such a wonderful bag came out. Two...

Шаг 13

The same with the second, and here they lie to themselves and they rest in peace in 2.5 hours.

Шаг 14

So I dumped them and wondered still about ¼ of meat... Stomach-we have cut while I sewed two pieces – lost in volume.... Not disappear as good?! I have vecinita "Whiteside", but in tetraparesis milk package to stamp all of the remaining wealth. In a small pot it will not fit, and most already with stomachs, stuck it in the oven at a temperature of somewhere 160 gradusa. My camera was charged, did not have time to photograph, and then was gobbled up. But I can say that IT have to cook. Baked - not so interesting, though tasty.

Шаг 15

Well, thank you, Lord! Removed the thread! Cut! And... What is there?! Aaaah, Oooh, let me burst, but I still!

Шаг 16

On the side, I made braised sauerkraut (sprinkle with sugar, pour the white wine and saute) and top with pickled cranberries. But then again sat the camera down, so garnished a photo on my phone – the quality is not exact...
Bon appetit!