Pistachio truffles

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Honestly, I don't know why these chocolates are called truffles - known candy nothing in common. But that doesn't make them any less delicious! In my opinion, they are simply divine! And recently, I discovered that the combination of sweet and salty I just love, so for me the combination of the salty pistachios with white chocolate - it is something!

for New Yearfor 8th of Marchfor Valentine's Day

Ingredients for Pistachio truffles

Step by step instruction of cooking Pistachio truffles

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So, a teaspoon of "rake" a little mass and sculpt balloons.

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The last bar of chocolate melts and cover them with candy, too long to bother, so as not melted. Coated chocolate, you can sprinkle the remains of the crushed pistachios. Since I had chocolate with nuts, I do not. I lightly covered them with silver edible paint for the nobility))

To put briefly in the refrigerator so that the chocolate has seized, and here they are! Here they are - candy of my dreams!

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Bliss indescribable: feel and gentle sweetness of white chocolate, and the salty taste of pistachios...

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Pistachio is one of the oldest nuts, known in the history of mankind. First mentioned in the territory of present Iran and Syria, then in Greece and other parts of Europe, and then the pistachio spread around the world. In cooking, pistachios are used already more than 2,5 thousand years. In the ancient East this nut is considered a symbol of wealth and success. Worldwide meals with the addition of pistachio nuts are considered elite. For example, Nobel laureates in Stockholm on mandatory buy pistachio ice cream.
Today about half the global number of pistachios on the market is provided by Turkey.
Collect the nuts during the night, as by day the leaves of pistachio trees emit essential oils, from which dizzy.

Pistachios are an excellent remedy for depression! And also reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood, improve functioning of the liver and cardiovascular system!
Of the vitamins contained in fruits of pistachio, stands high in vitamin E – a natural antioxidant, rejuvenating the human body. It is no accident in ancient times, pistachios were called "magic nut". But the most attractive and interesting name to the pistachio gave the Chinese, "happy nuts", obviously, because the crack between the shells of a fruit resembling a smile.
Eat pistachios and smile often!