Salad "Chicken Nocturne"

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The recipe for this salad in the 90-ies of the shared Larisa Dolina in the newspaper "Relish". Since then, he is a frequent guest on our table.

Ingredients for Salad "Chicken Nocturne"

Step by step instruction of cooking Salad "Chicken Nocturne"

Шаг 1

It is a necessary products.

Шаг 2

Apples clean, cut into strips. Put half of the apples first layer.

Шаг 3

2nd layer spread half of the diced chicken meat.

Шаг 4

3 layer half of the diced eggs.

Шаг 5

Next is half of the grated on a coarse grater celery. By the way, if anyone likes the amount of celery can be easily increased. In this salad it plays a very important role.

Шаг 6

Next, layer half of crushed walnuts (but this step I forgot to take a picture, sorry). Then coat it with mayonnaise and repeat all layers. Pour mayonnaise.