Punch wreath with cherries

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Kirsch-Punsch-Kranz. Real Christmas cupcake with a real Christmas drink - mulled wine, with juicy sour-sweet cherries and a fragrant glaze.

for New Yearfor Christmas

Ingredients for Punch wreath with cherries

Step by step instruction of cooking Punch wreath with cherries

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Cherry recline on a sieve, dry it, pour with flour.

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Measure out the wine...
for yourself :)

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And for the test...

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Oil whisk with sugar,
continuing to whisk, one by one add 5 eggs,
then, alternating, gradually add flour with baking powder and mulled wine.

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Turn on the oven at 175*C.

Add to dough with cherries, mix gently

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And spread in the form of a wreath. The amount of form not less than 2.5 L.

Bake about an hour at 175*C.
If the top starts to burn, cover it with foil.

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The finished cake remove from the form, cool.

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For the glaze mix to a smooth viscous mass of egg white, icing sugar and 2-3 tbsp wine or cherry juice.

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Part glaze dialed in a pastry syringe, the rest pour the cooled cupcake.

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When the first layer of glaze hardens, shaped syringe to apply the 2nd layer and sprinkle with coarse or colored decorative sugar.

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Quite a tight structure, but cupcake is soft and not dry.

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And inside is the juicy sour-sweet cherries..