Spicy Christmas bakeries

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The bakeries with dried lime, plum and savoury straws. Terribly sweet, aromatic and salty is my favorite flavor! Mmm.. If also such things like, you are welcome!

for 8th of Marchfor Christmas

Ingredients for Spicy Christmas bakeries

Step by step instruction of cooking Spicy Christmas bakeries

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Generally, the bakeries is a traditional Christmas dish in many countries, which is prepared from honey, sugar and sure nuts, often almonds. We have the bakeries would not be classic without the nuts, but with other, equally delicious flavors. So, take the honey and sugar mix in a saucepan with a thick bottom and put on the fire.

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Melt it in a beautiful amber syrup. It needs to boil, after boiling, simmer it for another 10-12 minutes. To do the test for soft ball: if this happens, add the cinnamon and cook for another 1 minute.

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Dried limes and prunes (if dry, soak a little) to not cut very finely.

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Then in the form put part of our spicy pulp, sprinkle top with dried fruit. Pretzel sticks break into small pieces, also sprinkle with fruit (if you do not like salty taste in desserts, take sweet, but again, salt, here saaavsem not too much:)

I wished I took a little straw, it was possible to add more, because the bakeries itself is soft and very sweet, and when you get salty "chips", it is 100 times more interesting!

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On top of the filling spread the remaining protein mass. Leave for a while to cool off, and then remove for a couple of hours in the fridge.

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I was numb-literally through an hour and a half. Sometimes you need a little more time. If in doubt, make the evening and leave overnight! After solidification cut into pieces and served with unsweetened tea... Mmm... lovely)) Turanchik was a success!

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As for the history of this dessert, as the bakeries, the interest I have caused the following facts from his "biography"...

The bakeries is a traditional Christmas treat in Italy, Spain and the Czech Republic, some species are also common in France and Latin America. This is the best and the most desirable gift for kids on Christmas night. He appears in a big feast, when at the festive table the whole family gathers and sagatavots most secret and innermost desires.

Just three decades ago, the bakeries were just made in two classic varieties, but at present, the variety reaches several tens: chocolate, rice, chocolate pralines, liqueur, candied fruit and even torrone without sugar (fructose or substitutes).

But there are not very pleasant facts from modern history. Not long ago, the Producers "bakeries" won two French firms, illegally manufactured this product. Using the fact that "bakeries" is becoming more popular in other countries around the world, two French firms ", Confiserie du Tech" and "ENT" steel without a license to produce and sell this product. Moreover, unscrupulous competitors have pirating product name "Barcelona" - the most famous in Spain of turron, which is in the eponymous town hand-made by local masters, passed down from generation to generation the secret of this product. The litigation ended in favour of the artisans from Jijona, lasted 14 years. The Spaniards intend to demand compensation for incurred damages and attorney fees in the amount of 3 billion consideration Received will be spent on a vigorous campaign is in a world of real Spanish "bakeries".

Our bakeries not a classic, but nonetheless very tasty! To produce a wholesale scale we will not, therefore, hope the problems with the Spanish authorities we will not!
So prepare it exclusively for his family and, without advertising, enjoy!