Shrimp marinated in Thai

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Delicious, unusual appetizer: to prepare quickly and easily. Impossible to resist! In General, called "Lossky", but then need a mint, and then a slightly different recipe, so let it be in Thai!

for New Yearfor 8th of Marchfor birthdayfor 23rd of Februaryfor Valentine's Day

Ingredients for Shrimp marinated in Thai

Step by step instruction of cooking Shrimp marinated in Thai

Шаг 1

Gather all the ingredients. It is important that the shrimp were very fresh.

Шаг 2

If shrimp in the shell, and the dish you want faster, then they need to clean. If time is patient, it is possible in the shell, but pickling will have 7-8 hours.

Шаг 3

Sprouts rinse and lay flat dish with high sides. On top lay the shrimp.

Шаг 4

Chop the onion, chilli and lemongrass. You can add garlic and other herbs to taste.

Шаг 5

All of that stuff sprinkled on top.
Marinade: mix the water, soy sauce and fish sauce. If no fish, then soy should be 2 parts, I added dry Chile, but will be very spicy.

Шаг 6

To fill, put the top press (dish) and put into the fridge for 1.5-2 hours...

Шаг 7

You can serve it with or without sprouts, with bread or alone! Bon appetit!