Cream "Caramela"

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Even if you are disappointed in this cream before, I advise you to try it again! In this embodiment, the cooking, the cream doesn't smell like eggs and not like scrambled eggs! This signature cream from my mother-in-law, who won more than a dozen hearts! Sometimes she adds the peeled, chopped almonds or pieces of cookies, sawwar.

Ingredients for Cream "Caramela"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cream "Caramela"

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The few ingredients that we need.

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Put in a small pan sugar with 1 tablespoon water and lemon juice and put on medium heat, when the sugar will turn into caramel - off.

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Coat form for cakes the caramel, do not forget to smear the middle with edges.

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Thoroughly whisk the eggs, slowly add the condensed milk and vanilla,

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Then pour in a jar from condensed milk the hot water and pour it into the eggs
add the lemon zest,

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Pour our the cream into a form, the form we put in deep baking tray and pour in hot water (water bath) and put in oven, covered with foil for an hour at 180 degrees, the willingness to check a cake to pierce with a knife, if dry - ready.

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When the cream is ready, remove it from the pan, allow to cool, then put in the refrigerator (in the form), served on the next day, gently turning the form on a dish with higher edges, because the caramel will flow.

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