Candy champagne

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I was recently at the exhibition of contemporary food flow and was present at the demonstration to serve drinks. Pastry chefs along with sommeliers showed new techniques, and one of them want to introduce to you. As said more specialists, the combination of fine drink with handmade chocolates, a deliberately rustic-looking – new trend. Hope you like it.

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Ingredients for Candy champagne

Step by step instruction of cooking Candy champagne

Шаг 1

For this recipe take the brown sugar Mistral.
Nuts grind in a coffee grinder to very fine condition.

Шаг 2

Pour into a bowl.

Шаг 3

Pour into a saucepan sugar, cocoa, put the oil and pour in the milk; heat on a slow fire...

Шаг 4

... until smooth.

Шаг 5

When the mixture is smooth and creamy, pour rum, stir and remove from heat.

Шаг 6

Ready mix to pour in the ground nuts and knead the dough.

Шаг 7

If the mixture will crumble, add a teaspoon of hot milk. I immediately turned elastic mass.

Шаг 8

Manually to form balls and make a notch with a knife, then to put on the glass.
If you serve just like candy, it is not necessary, the mixture is very obedient, she will accept any form.
Use medical gloves, it will protect your hands from the hot mixture.

Шаг 9

The finished candy and set aside on a plate to cool down in the fridge to put not necessarily.