Turkey with sausage and bacon

217 - 240 минут 8 порции

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Ingredients for Turkey with sausage and bacon

Step by step instruction of cooking Turkey with sausage and bacon

Шаг 1

First, take 100 ml soy sauce and 50 grams of butter.
Melt butter, mix with the sauce.

Шаг 2

Med. syringe nbsphowever Turkey in the area of the breast and everywhere, the more the better. Leave for 3-4 hours.

Шаг 3

Begin cooking.
Remember that to cook you need to start over 3-3,5 hours before the meal, at least.
Then vystelim foil containers for cooking and to the bottom of the spread
medium-thin sliced pork belly to the bird is not burnt and not dry.

Шаг 4

Prepare sauce, preferably homemade adjika, but we have syrodelny and so delicious, which was a pity, so I used Satsibeli.
Added herbs and pepper.

Шаг 5

Inside the bird put the sausages in a natural casing, or (like me) sausage with cheese and bits of brisket.

Шаг 6

Plug all of a half lemon.

Шаг 7

Received sauce liberally RUB the bird, I tied the legs, because not passed at the height.

Шаг 8

Put in a baking tray on a pillow of bacon and wrap loosely in foil.

Шаг 9

Put in oven 250* for 1.5 hours.

After 1.5 hours, expandable and pour a mixture of soy sauce and SL. oil rising from the pan the fat in the chest make some punctures below and got grease and sauce.

Wrap and another 1.5-2 hours at the same temperature, with nearly complete readiness to be opened for the crust.

Slightly overdone with convection )))