Figure "Congre"

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Apdg is rice boiled in water from cooking black beans in the normal proportions for cubes 1 measure of rice 1 measure of water. Black beans boiled until soft in a greater quantity of water than you would usually. Then drain and wither away the water and rice. Cook the rice in this dark water, and salt. Add the beans (not all, but only part of it) when the rice is almost ready (in the middle of it is a bit hard). Before the end of cooking sprinkle with cold water and cover tightly to steam through. Add the fried onion, a little garlic and pork rinds (or bacon fat). All lightly knead, but not to be abused, and that figure will rastolita to mush.

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Beans and rice filled with water from cooking the beans. I confess, the proportions broke, the water gave a little more.

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The rice is boiling...

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Went a little bacon...