Panna cotta "Donna Isabella,"

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Long thought, where, in addition to compotes, to use the grapes "Isabella". Of course, it is fragrant, tasty, but with seeds and tough skins. Finally came up with, and that's what happened. Gently fragrant, very exciting dessert.

for New Yearfor 8th of Marchfor birthdayfor Christmasfor Valentine's Day

Ingredients for Panna cotta "Donna Isabella,"

Step by step instruction of cooking Panna cotta "Donna Isabella,"

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The grapes are to be cleaned of twigs, put in a bowl and slightly beat with blender. If the berries are wilted (like me, from long lying), then add some water.
Soak the Gelatin in 200 ml of milk.

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In a separate pan, mix the warm milk, cream and sugar. Add sugar to your taste. If the grapes are sour - more, if a sweet - less.
Add swollen gelatin. Put be heated. Grape puree, dilute with water to taste richer than store-bought juice. Dilute a must, and it will be tart. Grape part is also a bit warm and 500 ml mix with milk. To warm up, make sure that gelatin is dissolved. Do NOT boil!

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Pour in kremanku or glasses.

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I got 7 servings.

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Barely 6 hours, and...
Very aromatic, creamy and airy...
In General, festive and delicious!

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From the cake I made compote. Added skins from peeled apples, remaining after making crumble.