Hotchpotch with rice and vegetables

87 - 50 минут 6 порции

Casserole with vegetables in Bulgarian, the dish is very juicy, easy and hearty!!!

for 8th of Marchfor 23rd of Februaryfor Valentine's Day

Ingredients for Hotchpotch with rice and vegetables

Step by step instruction of cooking Hotchpotch with rice and vegetables

Шаг 1

In the form put part of the tomatoes, roughly chopped.

Шаг 2

On top of the tomatoes spread rice-vegetable mixture.

Шаг 3

Mushrooms cut in half and very little fry on strong fire.

Шаг 4

Put over rice and vegetable mixture.

Шаг 5

Next, stack the remaining part of the tomatoes. Pour 4 tablespoons of water and put it into the preheated oven to 180 degrees. for 30 minutes.

Шаг 6

In a blender, beat the eggs with the yogurt.

Шаг 7

Get the form, fill it with yogurt and stew for 15 minutes.

Шаг 8

5 minutes until cooked add the grated cheese.

Шаг 9

Onion cut into half rings.

Шаг 10

In a frying pan heat a little raises. oil, fry onions till Golden, add coarsely chopped pepper.

Шаг 11

Wash the rice, add it to the onions with pepper, salt, pepper, fry, stirring, for 5 minutes.