Squid in a creamy sauce with mushrooms

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Fans of squid dedicated to... my Husband went on a business trip, I decided a week to indulge ourselves with the meals that he never eats, and I am very very fond of fish and seafood. Just Shh... quiet, a recipe stolen from work)))

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Ingredients for Squid in a creamy sauce with mushrooms

Step by step instruction of cooking Squid in a creamy sauce with mushrooms

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Squid defrost, clean. I have cleaned boiled squid, but I suggested a way that I now use, really easy.
Even frozen squid, remove the skin as possible.

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Then we put in a deep pot and fill with boiling water from the kettle for literally 1-2 minutes. The photo shows that those films that are not removed from the raw squid, moved away, and now they can be easily removed.

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Now our squid is prepared.
Slice thin strips.

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Heat in a frying pan (or skillet) with butter, put back the strips of squid and simmer for just 3-4 minutes. Salt, pepper.

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Then add the mushrooms with onions, even just a 3-4 minute simmer, add the flour. I added a tablespoon, more if you like sauce thicker. Mix well.

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Pour pre-heated cream and again mix well, taste for salt, if necessary add salt, pepper and a few leaves Lavrushka. Simmer 5 minutes, no more, otherwise the squid will be tough. Turn off the heat.