Eggplant stuffed with minced meat and fennel

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An unusual recipe, amazing design. Every time you want to make a lasting impression, prepare it. Recipe Sandri Lisandro.

Ingredients for Eggplant stuffed with minced meat and fennel

Step by step instruction of cooking Eggplant stuffed with minced meat and fennel

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First, prepare our eggplant. To do this, cut a nice stalk and place the eggplant on a surface, find the side on which he lies just more stable. Then this steady side, we still have a little trim by cutting away the skin.

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Then put the eggplant resistant down and sideways with 2 sides cut away on the plate. As if cut away the skin of an eggplant, but not in a semicircle, and directly.

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Then cut your (not end!) eggplant, making 4 plates. Ie cut your it down the middle almost to the stalk, and then each half in half yet.
Salt our eggplant, prosalafa and every plate and leave for an hour. Then carefully several times then wash them with water (make sure the eggplants are not too salty!)

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Squeeze the eggplant, jasaw hands from the excess water.
Drop them in very hot oil and using 2 forks disclose platelets, so the oil gets inside. In a minute the eggplant is softer. Flipping it to the other side and hold for another minute. Do not put a lot of eggplants (not more than 2-3), it will reduce temperature oil will slow the process of roasting the eggplant will absorb more oil!

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When the eggplant is softened, take it from oil and place on a paper towel.

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In pan c vegetable oil place the ground beef, seasonings, tomato paste and fennel. If you think that your meat will give a lot of juice, leave the fennel in the basket, add it when the liquid become smaller.

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Then add the tomatoes and stir again.

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Then take our eggplants, put directly on a baking sheet, each in its place and stuffed with every petal. Will need about 3 teaspoons of filling onto each petal. With your fingers gently and beautifully spread the filling from the base to the edge.

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Remaining cheese mixture sprinkle with just stuffing, plates of eggplant leaving it as it is.

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Nakryvaet the pan with foil and bake the eggplants at 200 degrees for somewhere half an hour.

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