Tree and figurines of marzipan

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We perceive a beautiful word "thermostats" as something fabulously wonderful and unattainable. Supposedly, sometime in the Golden age was all and even marzipan! And saying "he's only roasted marzipan and not enough" clearly means that some "rich kid" what is missing is what there is no white light. This treat can work wonders in a dream, inspired by OLE Lukoie, and reality. I read your child a Christmas tale about the brave Hoffmann's Marie Stahlbaum, who, in defending the Nutcracker from the seven-headed mouse king, fed the rodent of its sugar dolls and (gasp!) the whole marzipan. There is Candy meadow, Almond and raisin gate, Orange Creek, Lemonade river, lake Almond milk, Gingerbread village, Cucuta grove and, of course, Confitebor. After winning the grateful Prince showed Mari his Kingdom. "Here we are in Marzipan castle," said the Nutcracker". "Mom! What is marzipan?" - asked my daughter. I got to thinking. How do you explain that? And I decided not to tell but show. After all, to make the marzipan easier. And this is a natural and very useful for children sweet: nuts and a bit of high quality sugar. Now my children can proudly say: "My mom knows how to make fabulous marzipan the Christmas tree!""......if only you have eyes, you will see sparkling everywhere zakatnye groves, transparent marzipan castles – in short, all sorts of miracles and wonders".

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Ingredients for Tree and figurines of marzipan

Step by step instruction of cooking Tree and figurines of marzipan

Шаг 1

Blanch the almonds in boiling water for 1-2 minutes.

Шаг 2

To peel almonds.

Шаг 3

Parch the almonds in the oven, avoiding Browning.

Шаг 4

Almonds with sugar. I took sugar TM Mistral brown fine.

Шаг 5

And vanilla sugar, grind in a blender.

Шаг 6

Mix with honey and proteins.

Шаг 7

To make a thick paste.

Шаг 8

Paste and divide in half.

Шаг 9

Half of the pasta I divided into 3 parts and colored food dyes in pink, green and yellow. You can use natural dyes: green juice of spinach, purple beets, orange carrots, etc. But the taste will be appropriate.

Шаг 10

From the second half of the roll into a sausage with a diameter 1.5 - 2 cm Cut sausage into 5 parts: 22 cm, 19 cm, 16 cm, 13 cm and 11 cm. to Make them ring, cementing the ends of the rests to form a ball.

Шаг 11

Bake in a preheated 180 degree oven for 12 minutes on the laid paper baking sheet.

Шаг 12

Put rings on each other from big to small, as if forming a Christmas tree. Cool.

Шаг 13

For the glaze: powdered sugar diluted with milk, pour into pastry bag and put on a Christmas tree horizontal stripes. A little bit of glaze left to razrisovany figures.

Шаг 14

Roll out marzipan, colored in pink color, small ball. Make it a small flapjack and put it on the trunk.

Шаг 15

Roll the ball is smaller than on the trunk. Give it the shape of a pear.

Шаг 16

Use a plastic knife cut a sophisticated edge "pear" and divide. Refine the edges of lugs, using a stick with a ball on the end, and slightly bend them. Attach head to torso.

Шаг 17

On the head install little pink pancake (the face), two balls (nose and mouth) and make 2 holes for eyes. The sharp end sticks on the muzzle dot (antennae).

Шаг 18

Attach the rear of the trunk small ponytail.

Шаг 19

Roll marzipan 2 balls of medium size. Install them on top of each other.

Шаг 20

Of the two smaller balls and make a very small hat.

Шаг 21

From colored in light green the color of the marzipan roll out the long block. With the edges of the block press using pressure and make several cuts. Secure the scarf around the neck of the snowman. From the little pink ball make a carrot for the nose. Make a well in the head recesses for the eye with a sharp stick.

Шаг 22

Mouse on cheese:
Roll out the marzipan paste small ball in the form of a "pear".

Шаг 23

From a small ball of pink make a flapjack, cut in half (not completely) and with a spatula shape of the legs.
Attach the legs fashioned from the bottom of the figures torso. Roll a small ball of pink marzipan and install it on the top (spout).

Шаг 24

2 ball pink color will serve as ears for the mice. Make balls, make with sticks and a ball on the end of the recess.

Шаг 25

Attach the ears to the figure, make indentations for the eyes. From a small pink ball with your hands roll bar, rear torso.

Шаг 26

Yellow marzipan mass roll the ball of medium size, shape of lepeshechki a knife cut a small segment. Create a sharp end of a stick with a cone on the end holes on the cheese by pressing.
Put the mouse on the cheese.

Шаг 27

Dazzle of light green marzipan the body in the form of ball and feet shaped like little fat sausages. Small subject to draw on them, the wrinkles in the form of strips. Attach them to the torso.

Шаг 28

Pink marzipan to make the flat heels, attach them to the legs.

Шаг 29

Sculpt the head and slightly snub nose. Paint on the trunk folds in the form of strips. Make indentations for eyes and eyebrows.

Шаг 30

Blind big ears, attach them to the head. To connect the head to the torso.

Шаг 31

Roll a ball of marzipan. Turn it into a block. Use a plastic knife to slice from one end dividing the bar into 2 parts.
Press down lightly with a stick on the divided parts. Give them a corrugated surface. Another part of the trunk fold down (like a dog sits).

Шаг 32

Install on the body, medium and small ball (the head and muzzle).

Шаг 33

Roll into 2 equal small balls from the marzipan pink, make them grooves, set on the head - the ears. With a sharp stick make indentations for eyes and a dot on the muzzle (whiskers).

Шаг 34

Roll out a small piece of the marzipan pink block. Roll it into a spiral, set on the opposite end of the body - tail. 2 the smaller ball put on the muzzle (nose and mouth). Using a stick with a rounded edge, draw the edge.

Шаг 35

Navy seal:
Roll a medium size ball of marzipan paste. Make it a block. Refine the bar in two places.

Шаг 36

From the middle part of the torso extend from two sides of the marzipan paste for the front limbs. Fold them and press it onto the torso. Using a plastic scribe to make them deepening.

Шаг 37

Plastic knife, divide the lower torso into 2 parts, slightly notching in half. By pushing the plastic sticks make them the grooved recess.

Шаг 38

Roll out a small piece of pink marzipan thin the block and install the head. 2 roll the small ball of marzipan, set on the muzzle (nose and mouth). Push a stick in the center of the ball, which will serve as a mouth, and make thus the recess.

Шаг 39

I still have marzipan and I made him something like a toy on the Christmas tree: roll it out and with the aid of molds for clay carved figures.

Шаг 40

These are the molds.

Шаг 41

Decorated with stars and beads, slightly pushing him.

Шаг 42

Using toothpicks attached them to the tree.

Шаг 43

The figures painted white frosting eyes. Gave dry.

Шаг 44

Then melted in the microwave 1 square of chocolate in the center of the white eyes painted dark pupil.

Шаг 45

These are the figures we have.

Шаг 46

Lay them on a dish around the Christmas tree.

Шаг 47

Шаг 48