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Not found on our wonderful site prescription regular butter, which is only 5 minutes to make at home. If viewed, I'd like you to forgive me :) so... butter!

Ingredients for Butter

Step by step instruction of cooking Butter

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Turn on the food processor or blender on full power. Immediately eyes cream start to turn yellowish lumps and whey. It looks like this.

Шаг 2

As soon as the serum was separated (less than a minute of whipping it took me), turn the processor on a little speed so that the oil gathered in a clump, and from it came more liquid. B this mode, the whip should be no more than a minute.

Throw out the oil into the cheesecloth (if you still feel left serum, push hands) or directly on the parchment or foil, whatever you like. Form the desired shape and put in the fridge.

Шаг 3

Accordingly, it is possible to add in the butter and herbs, and the chopped herring, and red pepper, and cocoa. Be creative!

Шаг 4

Oil can be whipped and not in a blender, and in three-liter jar, shaking it constantly, but it will spend several times more time.

500 ml cream I got about 430 grams of butter.
Did oil homemade sour cream - did not work)