A traditional Italian dessert to the "father's Day"

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Well, what about Italy but without the glorious and high-calorie dessert??? Zeppole di San Giuseppe "Zeppole di San Giuseppe" is a classic Italian dessert that is loved by all the inhabitants of the Apennines, and they are not alone. I suggest you to taste the wonderful and delicious "cakes", I would even say, a cake. Let us together delve into the history of this glorious dessert. Very simple and it's extremely delicious!!!

Ingredients for A traditional Italian dessert to the "father's Day"

Step by step instruction of cooking A traditional Italian dessert to the "father's Day"

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Mix all ingredients in a saucepan and cook until thick, stirring constantly with a whisk.
Cream to tighten wrap and set aside.

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It is very important to prepare, to measure all products for the test in ADVANCE.

In a saucepan (I do it in kazanchike Teflon) heat water, butter, salt and sugar. Bring to boil, once it boils, turn the heat off. And pour all the flour.

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Then knead, trying to collect the mixture to the center with blades, until dough gather into a ball.

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The dough using a pastry bag and nozzle asterisk must be deposited in a spiral (on the side opposite from that on which we drew a circle), and so, filling in the drawn circle cream, continue spiral "paint the walls" two curls, and then, leaving a hole at the top, crystallise inside the cake remains HOLLOW.

If the dough is spread, does not hold shape, add another spoon or two of flour. Mix THOROUGHLY.

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Heat oil over medium heat.
Dropping a drop of water, check if the oil hissed, it is possible to fry zeppoli. Right with paper throw one in oil, diminish the fire, retrieved the paper with tweezers and fry on slow fire for 5 minutes until Golden brown. It is very important to finish roasting them so that the middle remained liquid. Depending on the width of the utensils you need to cook no more than 2-3 (if the utensils are wider and more). Constantly rotate them so they "swollen" evenly.
Ready sepalla to put a slotted spoon on a paper towel.

The cooled cupcakes to fill with cream and decorate with cherry.

I can not mention that for the first time worked with choux dough, very much.